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Azure OpenAI Part 1: 初探 OpenAI Studio

2023-01-11 Azure OpenAI

最近 OpenAI 因為 ChatGPT 引起更多的關注, 加上今天這個新聞 傳微軟計劃向 OpenAI 投資 100 億美元, 還有一年多之前這篇: 微軟新推Azure OpenAI服務,企業使用GPT-3的門檻更低了!. 覺得可以介紹如何在 Azure 上結合 OpenAI 服務到原有的企業使用情境. 這篇主要是先介紹 Azure 上針對 OpenAI 管理的工具 : Azure OpenAI Studio (https://oai.azure.com/portal).

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Azure 的五十個小劇場...之 Kusto.Explorer: Desktop Application for Azure Data Explorer/ADX

2023-01-05 Windows

According to previous post, you can create a free adx/kusto cluster on https://dataexplorer.azure.com/publicfreecluster. Also, the online ADX explorer is good for beginner to start.

However the experimental KQL syntax only exists on your browser cache, cannot sharable, visualize, or versioning. I would like to introduce this desktop application to empower the data engineering performance.

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