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Azure OpenAI Part 7: Azure 學習模組 OpenAI 服務簡介

2023-02-16 Azure OpenAI

熱騰騰的 Azure OpenAI 服務簡介在 Microsoft Learn 課程模組 上架囉! 以後是不是可以就直接先請聽眾自己看完這課程,然後我就快速切入主題。 XD

總共花了不到 40 分鐘的內容,很快就能了解:

  1. Azure 跟 OpenAI 的關係。
  2. Azure OpenAI 在 Azure AI 生態系中的定位,哪種情境該考慮 Azure OpenAI。
  3. OpenAI 的自然語言功能、程式碼產生、圖片產生功能介紹。
  4. Responsible AI Policies,什麼是 Six Microsoft AI Principles.

節錄幾個圖跟筆記以後快速 Reference。

  • Azure OpenAI 與 Azure AI 服務的關係

  • Six Microsoft AI Principles

    • Fairness: Al systems shouldn’t make decisions that discriminate against or support bias of a group or individual.
    • Reliability and Safety: Al systems should respond safely to new situations and potential manipulation.
    • Privacy and Security: Al systems should be secure and respect data privacy.
    • Inclusiveness: Al systems should empower everyone and engage people.
    • Accountability: People must be accountable for how Al systems operate.
    • Transparency: AI systems should have explanations so users can understand how they’re built and used.


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