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JimmyLiao.README (2022/05) - GoodBye InfuseAI

2022-05-22 About

This is the README as Customer Success Engineer at InfuseAI

I join InfuseAI as Customer Success Engineer after Appier AIQUA. As the first CSE at InfuseAI, I focus on Customer Experience and the Success Journey from scratch. Build up the communication and partnership with our SI partner from supporting existing and potential customer. Also work with support team to build up the support process to ease the developer’s workload from the support/operation. With team, we build the related asset including: internal playbook, medium posts, troubleshootings, maintenance SOP, partner portal, showcase article and repo, etc. I will write down how to build from scratch here later. :-)

5/17 is my last active working day at InfuseAI and will take weeks off, I would like to thanks your support in the past years. I do learn a lot from different area at here. Before I leave, I want to thank @clkao and @hlb, you provide me a good chance to see different point of view. Thanks for you all and I will try to take many positive memories to the next journey. Wish all of you best and success here. I hope we can keep in touch.

Jimmy Liao.

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