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2019-03-23 About

Original post on medium, decide move back to my own page.

This is the public version for the introduction section if needed.

Hi, I’m JimmyLiao, currently as the Technical Director of the Application and Service at Seed Studio Inc. And in charge of all the technical stuff within the company.

Thought I can’t publish what product which is still under non-disclosure phase, but I would say it’s a very fantastic solution. I got the very first version from the ex-members and did the enhancement and delivery on time by myself. The software stack would cover React Native, Angular, React, Golang, and Mongo. I’d done the simple CI stage (involved the GitLab CI runner, CodePush, etc.), with docker-compose on the AWS, migrate the infrastructure to the Azure. And building the team from one to five (including myself).

Before that, I’re the Automation team member at KaiOS Technologies Taiwan. mainly for build up the Dashboard which is not only up-running the Grafana (with influxData), but also to create the middle layer which all testing results (end-to-end, performance, dev unit test) can be published via the RESTful APIs and with message queue. The related tooling would be Grafana, influxData, Python/Flask, Selenium, API endpoint implement (Swagger as well).

I’d working at IBM Taiwan for quite long time (12 years), would split it two phases: internal product development and the customer engagement. I’d working at CDL Taiwan for some coolest Company Mobile Products: IBM Sametime Mobile, Traveler, WEME (WebSphere Everyplace Micro Runtime) when I’re the junior engineer. Switch the role from SQA/Automation Lead/Scrum Master/Developer/L3 support. The second phase would be more customer product development and solution delivery in vary industries (Mobile Banking App, Airport, Cargo, Insurance, Chatbot etc.). I’d glad to join the project-humix development group before leaving IBM, the cloud brain for the bot (real robot) and IOT and it’s really cool!

I’d also joined another start-up IC design house between the IBM career — Action-Micro Electronics, which to build the greatest product I’d ever before: EZCast. My job is as the Mobile lead to build up the very first version of Android and the dongle side. I do have a great experience from this team !

In the leisure time, I’m also the technical consultant for my brother in law who own his coffee roasting business. I’d also completed 12 times full marathon and still accumulate my personal record. :-) Please free to drop the message if you need me at jimmyliao@jimmyliao.net.

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