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my first octopress

2013-11-19 Blog Markdown

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#1. /README.md

This file is to describe the myconfig file structure and how to use


http://stackoverflow.com/questions/17609453/rake-gen-deploy-rejected-in-octopress Edit the Rakefile and look for this line:

system "git push origin #{deploy_branch}"

Alter the line by adding a plus (+) before the #{deploy_branch} tag:

system "git push origin +#{deploy_branch}"

Run the command

rake deploy


http://zespia.tw/blog/2012/01/14/hello-octopress/ http://zerodie.github.io/blog/2012/01/19/octopress-github-pages/

git pull origin master

[Fast deploy post] rake generate rake preview

[Remember to push&deploy] git add . git commit -m “msg” git push origin master

rake deploy

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